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Welcome to the International Institute for Global Leadership (IIGL)

"The primary mission of IIGL is to provide a tuition-free education to individuals who wish to become high-integrity, heart-centered and conscious leaders in their communities and the world. Our curriculum is uniquely designed to provide our students with the consciousness and skills to wisely and peacefully lead others in creating positive change wherever it is needed. The study program is available to participants of any age anywhere in the world.

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The whole course includes seven levels of study with seven books in each Level except Levels Three and Seven. Level Three is just written exercises. 

The books for the first two levels of study are assigned and focus on personal empowerment.  For Levels Four through Six, you may choose your own books from a selection of more than 400 in 17 subject areas.   The program is free.

How To Enroll

Once you have reviewed the website and understand how the program works, click here  for the enrollment form. When you have completed and returned this, along with your photo, you will receive the formal welcome letter along with the two introductory books.

Once you read both of these and completed the assessment on each book (consisting of seven questions), you will be admitted as an active student and we will ship your first three hard-copy books for Level One studies.  You can see the books for each study Level in the curriculum section here at the website.



Our interest is to produce heart-centered leaders who have discovered their destiny and purpose in life and who are committed to changing the world in a positive manner.

This is the reason we begin our studies with the focus on personal development and empowerment. We believe that the old adage “Know Thyself” is the foundation of authentic leadership.

Leadership skills and techniques are a part of our curriculum of study, but not the only part. We begin, not with techniques, but with a "curriculum in consciousness;" with books that help us wrestle with the fundamentals of life and discover our true potential for Greatness. Our ultimate goal is to assist students in becoming consciously aware, high-integrity and heart-centered leaders in their communities and the world.









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